Board of Managers

The ABMOPAD Board of Managers serves the American Baptist men of Pennsylvania and Delaware by providing much of the leadership and organization required for ABMOPAD to be a functioning organization. Each position here is a position of service and ministry to the men of the regions of American Baptist Churches of Pennsylvania and Delaware, the Philadelphia Baptist Association and the Pittsburgh Baptist Association.

The responsibilities of the Board of Managers include planning the annual Retreat and other men's events, serve as a point of contact and source of information for local men's groups and the district and national AB Men organizations, providing leadership for new directions (such as increased emphasis on ministry to boys and young men), Boosters Club (mission projects) and Kingdom Builders (helping churches with repairs or construction).

It is indicative of the quality and commitment of our leadership that many of these men are either now licensed lay pastors or involved in studies leading in that direction.

Corridor Director positions on the Board deserve some special attention.

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Here is a Contact List for the current members of the Board of Managers and their advisors. This list provides names, addresses, phone numbers and mailto: links for those with e-mail addresses