Get Involved

Ministry to men is important for the health and well-being of our society and our churches. Not only do men represent approximately half of our population but they provide the majority of the leadership in the society and should be playing major roles in the leadership of our churches. Unfortunately, men in our society often find it difficult to understand the significance of the faith in their lives and the importance of their witness and leadership.

In many of our churches we find that two-thirds or more of the active members in the 30-45 age group are women. One common reason for this is that many are wives coming while their husbands stay at home because they are not interested. Some of the things that make this age group so crucial is that this is the time when much of the child rearing is done, so it is a time when the witness of a man's choices can have tremendous impact on the future. Also by 30 men have usually developed the maturity to begin actively participating in the leadership of the church in major ways. Good leaders and mature Christians don't just happen, they develop with years of experience, years that are missed if the man is not participating.

Young men need the guidance of older, more experienced men. That guidance is often gotten through the witness of the actions and choices of others.

Older men need guidance at times and to be a guide at others, to serve by using and sharing out of their growing experience and maturity.

All men need times and places where they can discuss issues that cannot be comfortably or well discussed in mixed groups. All men have times when they need the advice, guidance or companionship of other men to deal with their situations and circumstances.

All men need opportunities serve and practice their faith and ministry in order to grow further. Below are some opportunities to reach out and serve beyond the your local congregation. Serving in this way develops broader perspectives of Christian ministry and witness.

The Board of Managers of American Baptist Men of Pennsylvania and Delaware is the "governing body" of men who serve in ministry to the men of our regions in a variety of ways.

Boosters Club of American Baptist Men of Pennsylvania and Delaware is a mission outreach program.

Pennsylvania and Delaware will be getting a Disaster Relief Trailer. This will permit us to be better equipped to minister to disaster victims.

Kingdom Builders is a unique ministry in which volunteers are used to help build, rebuild or assist in maintaining an existing church.